Mahipal Singh Rana is our Head chef or you can call him the “Kohinoor” of the Turmeric Restaurant. He has worked in most parts of New Zealand and one of best Hotels in India learning customer preferences for more than 20 years. There is nothing wrong to say he carries something magical in his hands which at last delivers the real authentic taste.


Papendra Kanswal is an experienced and talented chef skilled in the preparation of Indian and Asian foods. He carries an experience of 15 years as a chef in various countries few to mention here Germany, Japan, etc. Papendra is a valuable asset to team and with his innovative skills with Tandoor and Indian Curries he makes the difference.


indian Manager Soni

Saloni Dhuria

A restaurant manager is responsible for the operation of a single restaurant. Saloni has been our best bet for Turmeric!
She started as an Assistant Manager and was very soon promoted to a Restaurant Manager for our Whangarei branch managing staff, inventory, menus, customer service, budgetary limitations, and everything else-to be short!
She is one of the finest managers I could have found for my resto and I believe Turmeric will keep on shining with her presence!